259. Farmerville, Union Parish (LA05)

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night nor house plants nor karate nor civil unrest stays me from swift completion of my something or other? Am I saying that right? Maybe this rain is starting to get to me? I don’t know, but I do know that this one looks a lot like a post office. I give it credit for having monuments…

…though honestly I only really like the fish mosaic. I would not have expected to see something like this out here so kudos for that. At least it’s something different to set this town apart from others because, otherwise, it would just be a depressing little town. Or maybe not and that’s just the rain talking. That said…

I ended up grabbing the cache on the way to town. There aren’t many in town proper. Most of them are in a local state park and that was just too much effort to expend for these purposes. I stopped in a nearby town and found this old jail cell sitting outside in the elements. And what did I find attached to the bars?

I’ll take it! It was signed and returned a while before I hit Farmersville, so once my photos were done, I was down the road again until I reached…

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