Another day, another cache at a mural.  I appreciated it being so close to home.  I had a stupid work meeting that started late in the day and ran longer than usual.  It was nice to just take a five-minute drive and grab it.  I’d forgotten how much I missed not having to drive to Elgin, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, or, heavens forfend, South Austin!

That said, I feel like my input here is more related to prepping for upcoming caching than about caching itself or my experiences thereof.  Some of it is preparation for Texas Challenge in a couple of weeks.  Since I am once again captain of Team Cen-Tex, I’m having team shirts made.  For the last few years, we’ve used green bandanas to mark ourselves, but this year, we’re doing it right!  And I’ve got a ton of bandanas in case anyone ends up joining the team at the last minute (which has happened every year).  We may not win, but we shall not be found wanting (Victory or Mild Annoyance!).  In my role as Central Texas Rep, I’m helping put together a raffle basket.  Every year, each region of the state creates a basket, full of caching related goodies, which are then raffled off to the attendees.  Informally, we Reps have a little contest to see which basket gets the most tickets.  Central has won it the last three years.  This year again we shall not be found wanting, but I think we’re gonna win (again).  My final, more immediate need is to pick up snacks for this weekend.  Once again, I’m going out with the Scorpion Expeditionary Force (which has renamed itself for this particular foray, but I’m keeping the first name because why not?) to tackle more Geoarts.  I’ve already taken bites out of them in the past, but now is an opportunity to complete some I’ve left unfinished, and touch upon some I’ve only seen on the map.  The greater SEF has expanded a little, so there’s replacements for those who won’t be able to make it this time, just as there were for me, who couldn’t make it last time.  This means getting water and carne seca (basically thin Mexican beef jerkey) for the road, and maybe something for a more legitimate lunch (though I can easily fill myself on carne seca).  Most importantly, we will be ending our adventures at an Event being held for a fellow cacher who has been undergoing chemotherapy.  There may be contests such as Reflex Hammer Juggling and Team Speed Bandage Mummification.  How Pin the Enema on the Patient is going to work, I don’t know.  But I guess I (and by “I,” I mean we, because you know I’m going to report on it) are gonna find out!

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