I Told You I Was Gonna Cache…

So there is a bunch of local, pretty extreme cachers who put build geoarts and host events to gather people together to hunt them down. They tend toward stupid hard hides and lots of DTs. So guess where I was this weekend?

The turnout was pretty big, bigger than the other two of these I’ve attended. Heck, we almost had quorum for a TXGA meeting, considering the North, South, and Southeast Representatives were in attendance, along with myself (the Central Rep) and the Secretary. I’d have to double-check the bylaws to see if we could have gaveled it into session, but who wanted to talk politics on a day like this? There was caching to do!

About forty of us in about fifteen vehicles prowled the backroads of Milam County. I was lucky enough to roll in a 4X4 with a fun bunch: a trucker and longtime cacher, a music teacher/travel agent and adored caching buddy, and a relatively “new” local cacher returning to the fold (technically, she started before I did [and by “technically” I mean actually]). We climbed trees, both with and without ladders. We marveled at tiny tubes poked in tree holes. Luckily the cars near us were pretty serious, one a couple passing through from South Carolina who saw the event and decided to come along, the other arguably the best cacher in the state (certainly the highest finds) along with his wife. I experienced several incidents of pole envy (get your minds out of the gutter, y’all!). I was, however, the only one of us to bring a ladder (not that everyone needed it). We breathed dust and got stabbed in our faces by tree limbs. I personally experienced that thorns and genitalia do not mix (oof). And in the end …

… we enjoyed stories and a bit of camaraderie (and Mexican food). That’s the way to spend a day, no?

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