680. Globe, Gila County (AZ05)

I didn’t know quite what to make of this courthouse. It seemed like a very 1970s style (it was dedicated to public service on July 4, 1976, the Bicentennial of the United States, after all) and that’s not necessarily bad. It’s just not good. It helps that there was a newspaper vending machine here though. As fate would have it, my roommate likes newspapers from small towns because there’s something about hyper-local coverage that he enjoys. As fate would also have it, I spend a lot of time driving around to small towns, don’t I? I have grabbed him papers from all over the place and, since the courthouse was kind enough to have a machine right there, he got one from Globe, too! Unfortunately, because I cut a lot of places from this trip, he won’t be getting the variety I might like. Oh, well…

Someone was kind enough to leave a cache at the county Veterans’ Memorial outside the courthouse. It worked out nicely because I really didn’t feel like going to get one from elsewhere. Sure, it probably would have just been a Virtual (there were several around town and I pretty much figured this entire trip would be mostly Virtuals of one kind or another), but there’s something to be said for getting your hands dirty and using the good old Mark 1 eyeball to find the thing. That and, between the disappointment of my precluded travels and the unexpected slog that was Phoenix, I was uncharacteristically worn out. I really didn’t expect that. I napped at the airport and on the plane. How could I be tired? I’ll usually drive all night to get to my starting destination and then roll the rest of the night and all day and into the evening before I’m ready for some sleep. That wasn’t important. All I knew was that I was drained. I pulled into a local Wally World and caught a few winks. After a few hours, I was alert again and ready to go. I got to driving and then noticed my nightmare was beginning. Solid flakes were falling from the sky! It was snowing, and I didn’t want any of that! I still have a few neuroses about driving in rain, much less in snow! I took it far slower than normal and inched along for what felt like forever until I finally made it to…

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