…And Yet It Does Not End.

I have not flown from county to county these last two weeks.  I have not added to the catalog of counties.  There is a certain amount of sadness for me in this.  It’s liberating to hit the road and just go.  To have that driving add to a greater purpose brings even greater satisfaction.  But amidst the sadness, I am reminded that there is beauty here at home and work still to be done…

There are still cemeteries to be visited.  There are still trails to be walked.  There are still puzzles to be solved, nooks to be probed, rocks to be upturned, things unseen to be found and revealed.  The Project has hit a snag, but the work continues on.  The downside is that sometimes I can only have time and ability to get one a day.  The upside, however, is that there are some interesting ones around here.  Austin has a great many cool things and twice as many hidden places and many of them have caches close by.

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