Cemeteries Are Everywhere


This was an interesting one because of its location.  It’s another in-town cemetery that the city has grown around.  What makes this of note (and it’s difficult to encapsulate this in a photo) is that it exists in a middle ground between two apartment complexes.  This black fence is actually two fences, one connected to each complex.  And, of course, it’s in a place that I’ve known for years but didn’t know there was a cemetery there.  The fact that the nearby neighborhood is known as Jollyville is no coincidence.


The day was miserably wet and muddy.  No doubt you have seen me griping about rain since I started this thing.  It continues and will continue still.  The cache was easy enough to find though specific credit goes to a friend of mine.  Turns out that a friend of mine used to geocache long ago and has taken it back up after learning that I do it.  We’ve been doing some over the last week.  Since she lives closer to the coast (in a county seat I have not yet been to, no less), we’re planning some tentative trips to continue the project.


That said, I noticed a lot of these little black flowers here, though.  I can’t tell if they are old and protected from the elements of relatively new.  I’m not sure, but I can see that someone repairs them (notice the different states of the screws in this photo).  Even today these things are remembered but I can’t tell if it’s someone trying to preserve something without intention or… something else.  But it will be a recurring thing.  I have seen it before and I know I shall see it again.


One day it will be dry again.  I look forward to that day.  But it will not be today, I think.

3 thoughts on “Cemeteries Are Everywhere

  1. So those black things are called flowers? Who knew?
    I’ve been going to more and more cemeteries, even a couple with no caches!!! I like the odd ones, like little family ones, or in peculiar places. I’d love to visit that single grave in a mall parking lot in New Jersey!


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