Weekend Caching


Over the weekend I went out caching with my daughters.  We started in West Austin near a veterinarian’s office.  The gorilla across the street is completely unconnected, merely coincidental.


We ended up finding a cache at a local drugstore famous for its old school lunch counter.  Of course, we stopped for a milkshake and a coupe of ice cream floats.


A little further up the road, we hit a small park for a (shudder) micro in a tree, but I had to put girls up on my shoulders to get to it.  Actually, we didn’t really have to.  The last person who grabbed it didn’t put it back where it should have been (T3 in a tree next to a street?  That should be pretty high up there) so we pulled it, claimed it, and then, with shoulder boosting, put it back up beyond where I could get to it alone without a ladder.

A little later we hit a bigger bit of greenbelt with a different micro in a tree, but in a big old gnarled oak tree instead of a well manicured one.  We found it, but we got a chance to see the creek flowing.


Despite all my complaining about the rain, sometimes water is nice.  A good day all around, I think.

One thought on “Weekend Caching

  1. Looks like you guys had some fun! My two were off to college when I started geocaching. On the other hand, my kids drive ME around geocaching now!


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