Fishy Fishy Fish

So, if I’m town bound, I run into lots of caches that aren’t particularly interesting, though they serve their purpose.  Along with the Project, I’m also working on several other challenges, including one where I have to find one every day for a year (currently at 132/365) and another where I have to reach 500 finds (currently at 400 on the nose).  I wanted to keep some sense of continuity while doing this, but I realized that there’s no point because who knows when I’ll get to an individual cache or when I’ll find something really interesting to talk about.  So I’ll talk about them whenever I get to them.

So I ventured into South Austin for a cache.  Being the spiritual epicenter of the “Keep Austin Weird” phenomenon, there are more than a few at interesting locations.  This is one of them.IMG_3654

So here is a random little bridge above a creek…


A bit of a piscine theme, no?  It even continued over the side.


The cache was a micro attached to a tree nearby.  Nothing special.  But I got to see Bouldin Creek flowing and I bet it’s been a while since that’s been a thing.


I’ll take that as a cache for the day.  Indeed.

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