Hook ‘Em (Or Something Similar…)!


Welcome to the University of Texas at Austin, home of the third winningest college football team, second largest endowment, and one of the best astronomy departments in the country.  It also has a nice little smattering of caches all over.  I haven’t claimed them all (there’s a mystery cache I haven’t done because I haven’t studied chemistry in the proverbial month of Sundays), but they have been keeping my daily string afloat.


This is a World War 1 memorial that’s built onto the side of Royal Stadium.  This stadium (along with the stadiums past) is dedicated to the thousands of Texans who died in the fighting.  There are plaques along the side of the building with many of the students, arranged by their university.


This carillon is made from the original bells in the tower.  They were an anonymous donation by an alumnus who is now known.  Eventually they were retired and placed here.


This magnificent gentleman here is a replica of an Olmec artifact placed outside the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library.  The original sat nearby for years (I remember visiting it when I was younger).  The original was returned to Venezuela and Venezuela was nice enough to send back a copy of it for display.


This, of course, is a longhorn.  No history.  Just some benches and a bunch of food carts.

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