28. Brownwood, Brown County


So the rain kept coming down off and on as I came into town.  As I came into town, routing led me to a jail, not to the courthouse.  I stopped at a convenience store to get directions that were about two shades away from “go up the road a spell and turn where the old barn used to be” but somehow, despite my mistake (turned right at the wrong former gas station) I managed to get there.  Of course, it was still raining intermittently so I got wet walking around the building.  That umbrella I got back in Fredericksburg (see county #6) was getting some work.


There’s nothing special about about the monuments, but what is it with these granite markers?  I’ve seen several of them and they only seem to be devoted to individuals, not events, and I’ve seen them at enough courthouses that they seemed to stand out to me.

The cache itself was nothing special: a lamppost with a micro tied to a bolt behind a Home De(s)pot.  In fact, I really had to think to remember it at all.  For those of you who haven’t been doing this long, believe me that after a while, the really simple ones will begin to fade from memory.  I’m getting to the point where I only remember ones like this if something around it is of particular note: an interesting cemetery, an odd event, an interesting interaction.  I applied tweezers, got and signed the log, and then set off for…

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