72. Eagle Pass, Maverick County

Eagle Pass gets extra credit in my book as one of the principal shooting locations of one of my favorite movies, John Sayles’ Lone Star. Sure, Del Rio and Laredo should get some credit, but Eagle Pass is the big one.

This courthouse, however, has a more boring back side, more modern (than the historic courthouse), but less interesting. And, of course, one of these…

Wait… This is talking about Federal soldiers in the county? They usually talk about the Confederate contribution, but, hold on…

Of COURSE the other side talks all about it! What was I thinking? But that’s not the most important thing. A cache had to be found, so I found one. It was up in the hills overlooking the town. On one side there was this:

And the other side was this:

Quite a view, eh? I enjoyed it for a moment, and then drove back down. I did one last errand before I got back on the road to…

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