188. Laredo, Webb County

For the second time in my life, I found myself in Laredo. The first time didn’t bring me anywhere near downtown (I helped a friend deliver a car to a monastery for his parents). Of course, I should have expected that it would almost feel like a small town in Mexico here. Then, of course, so did the cache…

I chose a virtual in a town square not far from the courthouse. I’ve been wanting to pickup more virtuals anyway, so the History of Laredo was right up my alley. It felt like a small slice of daily life. Even the young woman having pictures taken on the gazebo… I couldn’t tell if they were going to be bridal photos or quinceanera photos. The virtual itself didn’t have specific instructions: merely to visit. So I did. And the least I could do was send proof…

Of course, I wasn’t done here in Laredo yet.

This Marty Robbins could never imagine. Outlet mall indeed. After a quick stop in their food court for some crappy Mexican food, I got to moving again. There’s a reason I came to the mall is because it’s right next to the actual pedestrian bridge and it was the perfect (and by “perfect”, I mean legal) place to cross over into…

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