323. El Dorado, Union County (AR07)

What a majestic beast! As I got out to walk the grounds, it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen anything Confederate in a little while. Of course, that streak was now broken…

Some things never change. Some things don’t change fast enough. But these were the least interesting things here…

What’s with all the guitars? I’ve never heard of this place as a music city (and being in Austin, I’ve had more than my fair share of exposure to such). Turns out, after reading a few articles, that El Dorado has been turning its small town image around a bit with a couple of big music venues and a push for bigger artists. One of those venues is big enough to hold 7,500 (half the town), and another is good for smaller shows. They’ve been drawing in smaller recurring regional stuff, which has been getting the eye of entertainment professionals, and then getting calls from people routing bigger shows through the area. And believe me when I tell you there is no other competition in Southeast Arkansas. So they’ve been getting a lot of big acts that you would never imagine would play a town like this. And, if that’s turning things around for a depressed little town that was hemorrhaging jobs and talent, more power to them! I wish them all all the luck in the state!

The cache was a few blocks away behind a building. It looked like some kind of office building, but it also had a lot of cars parked there and I wasn’t sure what would have so many people downtown on a Sunday that wasn’t church related. I don’t usually bother photographing an LPC, but I felt the desire here. No particular reason, but it was there and I was there and so I did. Not glorious, but I’ll take it.

Kudos for managing to bring a vibe to a sleepy town. The Laredo Grill makes me laugh. That said, I already think I’m beginning to see the roots of hipsterdom beginning to take hold. I never considered the possibility of Arkansas hipsters, but perhaps it’s a possibility I should devote some brain cycles to… But not right now. I sped away, racing daylight as I had on so many occasions, making my way to…

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