324. Hamburg, Ashley County (AR08)

Ummm… Well, it’s a courthouse. The 60’s were a thing in architecture. It’s functional and it has a certain amount of grace and style, but I don’t find it particularly beautiful. Someone might, but I don’t.

I ended up grabbing the cache on the way there in the nearby town of Crosett. When I got there, I realized that I’d have to drive all the way across town and, with all the driving I have to do, while it’s not much in the greater scheme of things, it’s all the way over there then I’d have to come back, and I just didn’t want to add all that time on the road. Of course, after a closer look, my big city ideas were exposed. In this case, “all the way across town” was a literal mile out of the way. That I could manage… When I arrived, I found a cabin that had belonged to one of the first settlers. Well, it had been a cabin. It got upgraded to a house so I guess it’s more an early homestead? Regardless, underneath the house, whatever you wish to classify it as…

…was an ammo can. Kind of someone to not only leave an ammo can AND to leave a mask in it. That said, though I’ve gotten coins, t-shirts, and even a wallet out of caches before, I’m pretty sure the last place I would accept a mask for use from is a random cache. Besides, I roll with two masks in the car when my third (and favorite) one is at home in the laundry. I’m good. But thanks again for trying to make sure we’re safe out here. And once my business in both towns was complete, I kept on moving east until I was literally stopped by water in…

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