The Rare Sunday Post

In two weeks (February 24th 2019 to be exact), I’m going to be a guest on the one and only Geocache Talk. I’ll be talking with Gary and Jesse about my experiences thus far with geocaching while black, some of my favorite caches, what it’s like being a new cacher (remember, I’ve only been doing this since June), and whatever else ends up coming to us.

For those of you who have never seen the show before, you should check out their channel on YouTube (relish one of the only times I’ll ever not call it Goo-Tube) or listen to their podcast (available from all the finest podcasting sources). And don’t forget to tune in on the 24th so I can prove to you all that I really do have a face for radio!

And, as a complete an total sidenote, I’m writing this from a motel room in Beeville TX, so, well, you may want to tune in to my entry tomorrow…

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