Today’s Cemetery/Pre-Gaming

So I got my daily cache. It was an out of the way cemetery not far from where my daughters are having a camp out tonight.

Some pretty old ones out here.

And some of them were quite lovely…

I wish I had taken a photo of the one that looked like a bust with aviator goggles and the…wait… Confederate flags? Really? And they’re fresh, too. Probably no more than a couple weeks old. Right…

The cache was a micro that hid under a rock. The coordinates led to an oak tree near a grave near the cache, but they were far enough away that I think it needs to be fixed. But people are still finding it (I found it almost completely buried in mud from recent rains) so I guess they can’t be too bad…

That said, I’m chilling and freezing water to make a sojourn tomorrow. As long as there isn’t torrential rainfall, I’m going!

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