Challenge Accepted?

Two nights ago I looked at a mystery cache and noticed that I had already claimed 19 of the required 25 virtual caches to claim it.  So I thought “What the heck!  Let’s go claim some virtuals!”


So I went downtown to get some!  There were a couple not far from each other on the trail along Town Lake.


One of them is the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue.  It occurs to me that I’ve never actually been down here before so that was nice.  There was another statue/art virtual nearby I claimed and a traditional about 100 feet away at another art piece.  I had a DNF at a nearby bridge which I think is missing because nobody was there so I actually got on my back looking under things.  That said, it probably IS there and I just missed it.  I forgot to grab another virtual down the road (this will matter later) and shot off to the UT Campus for a few more before going home.

Since I forgot one the night before, I decided to grab one close to work.  So I went out to the grave of Sam Bass.  And while I was out there I found this…


As you can imagine, the right side is not the slave section.  Sad.  But for a few minutes I could remember the forgotten.  I may not know their names, but at least for a few minutes they could be remembered.

In a slightly less weighty realization, it turns out there’s also a night cache here, too!  I’ve never done one!  But that’s a side note…  With the grave of Sam Bass, I got my 25!  So later, after I did all my evening responsibilities, I went over to the location of the cache itself.  but tromping around in wooded terrain after sunset without a decent flashlight is not a good way to find a cache.  So sometime in the next few days I’m going to go back out to the cache site and try to get the final claim for this challenge.

But, still, night cache…?


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