25. Gatesville, Coryell County


So I took an early morning jaunt out of town to hit a bunch of counties.  I had some time off and decided to make a day of it, especially since a government holiday means no muggles around courthouses.  The first stop of the (early, EARLY) morning was Gatesville.  I hit here just after sunrise and my theory was correct: it was pretty deserted.


The cache itself was about three blocks away at the town library.  Nothing special, just a micro in a tree that’s really obvious to anybody actually looking for it, but not so much for anybody not.  Sometimes it amazes me how something can sit under the nose of everybody walking around it for so long.  Then again, I read once that people without imagination don’t really look up.  I don’t really think that most people don’t have imaginations, but I also think that some people don’t have a frame of reference outside of what they can see and others get bogged down in every day banalities and don’t see beyond them.


Tiny little town, I hope the soldiers of Fort Hood keep you going and growing.  But I had stuff to do.  I jumped back in my car and headed off to…





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