96. Kermit, Winkler County

Now that’s a courthouse, a beautiful beast back in the bosom of Texas. But I feel a little bit guilty that I didn’t spend much time here. I ended up stopping for a bit for a phone call with my daughters, themselves on the way to northeast Texas to see their grandparents in a county I haven’t cached in yet (though give me time. That trip is already in the advanced planning stages). It also turned out that a cache was really, really close. Across the street was an old electronics store and on the back side I found…

This is as clever as all get out. It’s already got me thinking about making a trip to the local big box hardware store (that does not sound like Chrome Despot) for some electrical equipment along with some PVC pipe to make some caches. For that matter, I need to start hiding some more. I’ve been prepping caches, but I haven’t been doing much hiding and I need to. They say that you can tell the less nice parts of town by looking at where all the caches aren’t. That just means a giant canvas for me to work my skills on as far as I’m concerned. If you hide it, they will come. But that’s for consideration when I get back to Austin. Running behind (thank you New Mexico), I jumped back in the car to try and make some of that back on the road to…

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