101. Big Spring, Howard County

I called a friend of mine from here and said to her “I’m all up in your hometown!” With a dash of disgust in her voice, she asked “Why?” It’s funny for a number of reasons. First of all, that’s a big, beautiful courthouse there. Majestic, even… Secondly, it’s a college town (I didn’t know that) and that usually means there’s interesting stuff because young minds something yadda yadda something. Lastly, this is a pretty big town. Maybe it’s a regional hub or something similar. Unlike her, however, I’m not exactly hip to Big Springs Babylon. I’m sure her obvious disgust has a legitimate root. I’ve heard little snippets of the drama with both family and friends here. Not sure I’d want to spend a lot of time in its rarefied atmosphere. But that’s alright. I didn’t have to. Except I kinda did…

So the first place I went for a cache, a tree outside a restaurant? Couldn’t find it.

Second place I went for a cache, a cabin belonging to an early settler? Not there.

Third place I went for a cache, a water spout in view of a hotel? Not there.

What the heck? I don’t completely suck at this! I promise!

Fourth place? Found it! A tiny vial attached to a wire hidden in the post of a chain link fence. The problem, of course, is that each of those attempts cost valuable sunlight. If each one is ten minutes searching and then five more minutes picking another cache and traveling, that’s about 45 minutes lost. That is hard when you’re trying to hit a lot of places like this. Admittedly, I if probably averages out. I allow 30 minutes in each county seat for photography and cache finding. Sometimes, I run over like this. Sometimes, I run fast like Stanton did. The delay was annoying, but sometimes it’s going to happen. Oh, well… I got back in the car and got to rolling again and pretty quickly I was in…

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