102. Garden City, Glasscock County

I was informed that this and Sterling City would be nicer courthouses than Big Springs. I can’t entirely say that I agree with that assessment, but this one is sure lovely. I sort of wish I could have been here on a weekday because I feel this odd desire to go inside even though I know there will just be the mundane mechanisms of county government.

And, of course, we have an extra bit of Glasscock history history here with its old jail. Woe to all the folks who have spent time here. Or not. I’m sure more than a few people merely saw it in a drunk tank capacity or something similarly misdemeanor in its years of service. So maybe the woe can be set aside.

The cache itself was nearby at the local baseball field behind the courthouse. What could be more small town America than having a baseball field so close in to the center of town? The appropriate pole was found, the wire identified, and the container found and log signed. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. This was quite short, about 20 minutes, and a needed counterbalance to the last stop. Even more importantly, this was a milestone. Forty percent officially passed now. Some time saved, I got back to rolling and soon arrived in…

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