How Can I Begin Anything New

… with all of yesterday in me? With all that talk about walking in rivers before, you’d think there weren’t the beginnings of a drought in Texas. And yet, there I was, metaphorically wading in another old river. I went to an Event back where it all began, Georgetown.

I arrived in town with a little extra time to kill, so I took the opportunity to grab some Adventure Labs. There’s a ten-location series here that I had only done a few of, so I grabbed a couple more at the courthouse and one at the physical store/headquarters belonging to a longtime PBS show. One of the Labs was dedicated to former Governor Dan Moody. His political career kicked off here with some successful prosecutions of the Ku Klux Klan. I also learned an interesting new fact: the courthouse was dedicated to G.W. Glasscock of Glasscock County fame. It turns out that he is the “George” of Georgetown. After that was an event at a shaved ice shop tucked away in a small, out-of-the-way shopping center. Their portion sizes were huge! I got a small, and it was too much for me. I could have ordered a kid’s size or mini, but my ego couldn’t quite abide that. Next time, I shall reconsider listening to my ego. Had I not been tangling with my icy dessert, I might have remembered to take some photos of the Event, but oh well. At the end, the quartet of us who still remained decided to go after a real cache really fast.

The first one was a Multi, but we ended up having to DNF it. Previous finders had mentioned that it was a wonder that it had survived as long as it had, so I guess its luck ran out. Poopy. We ended up moving to a nearby Unknown that one of us had previously solved but not claimed. An especially tiny nano chained to a fence—a success! Our initials were signed, and we had a physical cache for the day! I’ll take it!

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