114. Jayton, Kent County

Another tiny courthouse in another tiny town. Pulled in for a moment to get the photo and then turned right around to go get a cache. As fate would have it, there was TB hotel not that far away. As fate would also have it, it rained a bit the night before. Not enough that everything was still wet once the sun came up, but enough that any ditch or divot in the ground was filled with water. So when I got to the tree where it was, it was about ankle deep when I got there.

But I was able to get a bluebonnet photo with the cache so there’s that… And I pulled a couple of trackables out to get them moving along. I almost couldn’t put the thing back where it came from. I pulled it out of its hiding place, but lost the spot when I went to put it back. But it was found and the cache was returned to its dry position before I got back in the car to get to…

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