115. Aspermont, Stonewall County

Another odd little town square, which is strange because it was both out of the ordinary and wholesomely American at the same time. The square itself was less a square than it was a giant divider for the main street, with monuments and benches for the folks who want to sit a spell. And yet, as nostalgic as it seemed, it also felt…off. Different. I can’t entirely explain it, even as it sits on the tip of my tongue. Oh well. Water and a bathroom stop later, I went to the cache.

The cache itself was simple enough. A local business, half beauty salon, half craft store was kind enough to have a cache for passers through. It’s especially interesting because it was one of those caches that’s so prominent that you don’t notice it the first time your eyes pass over it because you (and I guess by “you” I mean “I”) don’t expect it to be so out in the open. I mean unless it’s D1, that is… So I grabbed it and rolled on down the road to…

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