116. Roby, Fisher County

At first I couldn’t even be sure this was the place. There’s nothing to distinguish it from any other generic civil building you might find in any other town. Well, other than the monuments you traditionally find at a courthouse. Heck…

…the jail behind the building looks more like a courthouse than the actual courthouse. If it wasn’t for the cornerstone, I would have assumed this was it. A strange little county seat, different from others, even for caching purposes…

I don’t usually fiddle around with multi-caches when I’m on the road out of fear that they’ll take forever and drag me around when I need speed, but this was the closest cache to the courthouse so I decided to go for it. Odd little building that used to be a general store run for years by the one and only Aub Hamric. It turned out to be simple enough: find a certain point, go this far at that heading and Aub’s your uncle. This is where I tell you all a secret… So I’m familiar with my GPS, but not with all the functions. I don’t know quite how to set a heading and a distance with it. Luckily for me, I have enough experience with map reading and headings that I was able to eyeball it. After correcting myself because I walked a little too far out, I found and signed the log, and then got back on the road to…

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