117. Sweetwater, Nolan County

Fairly modern and nice looking. Those two things often don’t go together when talking about a new courthouse, so kudos to Nolan County for nailing that one. Not much in the way of monuments here, but…

I though they had one of these for the UNION and that kind of blew me away for a moment, but I soon noticed that they made a point of remind everybody about the Confederate contribution to the county’s history on the back. Whatever was I thinking?

The cache was hidden on this side lot in a placed not pictured, but while I was looking, I got a message on BookFace and you’ll never guess who it was! It was the one and only Gary Slinkard of GeocacheTalk! Turns out he was out this way doing the same thing I was (picking up counties), and he was in Sterling County (where I had been the day before), looking for the same cache I claimed! Of course, I was more than happy to help and chat about stuff and things (especially pertaining to the upcoming GeoWoodstock). But all good things come to an end. We both had to go so he got to finding the cache and I got back to moving down the road to…

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