133. Dumas, Moore County

“Justice, equity, and peace administered alike to all people” indeed. Quite a few interesting bits of relief on this one made it pretty nice to the eye, which is something I don’t see all that often on courthouses unless they’re columns or some such. That plinth in the foreground is a monument to the McKee Refinery Fire, where 19 firemen lost their lives. A bit of history I’d never heard of so there’s that.

As for the cache, well, I went to one cache at the town cemetery, but, alas, it was non-functional. The cache was originally glued under a fence post cap, but the glue disappeared and the cache fell down the post. So I went for a nearby cache, a cute little animal attached to a cache down a fence post pole with a wire attached. I didn’t photograph it to preserve the surprise. Well, that’s my rationalization. In reality, I just forgot to take a photo. Worst correspondent ever. Or not. Whatever. The important thing is that the thing was done. I took an opportunity to gas up the car and got back on the road, ending up in…

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