134. Stinnett, Hutchinson County

Add another notch to the “looks like a high school” stick. Pretty light on monuments, too. Just the Ten Commandments over to the left, and a plaque about the county to the right. And rain. Not pouring, but constant and recurring enough that I was pretty annoyed by this point. So with not much to see here, I decided to go after the cache since that was the reason I was here. I looked at three or four caches in the relatively immediate area, but they all either hadn’t been found in forever or were micros in trees in woods, which I was trying to avoid because who wants to fiddle around in the woods when it’s raining? Not to mention how tired I am of micros in trees especially in the woods! If you’re that far off the beaten path, would an ammo box kill you? Why do we have to search 15 acres of cedars for something the size of a quarter all the time? The irony, of course, is…

…that there’s always a cemetery and I went and claimed a micro in a tree. Laugh it up, fuzzball. Glad I had an umbrella… My business here done, I got scooting again until I ended up in…

2 thoughts on “134. Stinnett, Hutchinson County

  1. Dimmit, seat of Castro County has a really neat hide near the courthouse. I am looking forward to reading about your thoughts on that one.


  2. My great-grandparents are buried in that cemetery! I found that cache a couple of years ago and was impressed with the hilltop view.


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