153. Plainview, Hale County

Welcome to the hometown of the one and only Jimmy Dean! Grrrr! What’s with all these trees! How am I supposed to get good photographs with all these trees in the way? Why should your attempts to cool and green your landscape interfere with my transitory aesthetic needs?

At least you make up for it with painted cattle, so I’ll give you a pass this time…

Welcome to the cache! More like Plane-view, AMIRITE? What a gorgeous creature up there, yes? As a sidenote, yesterday’s standing water made a guest appearance as the moat surrounding this old girl! As you can tell, I getting a bit punchy here. But I was pretty good. This is where the 60% mark of the project was surpassed! I’m going to make it soon enough at this rate! Heck, I’ll probably be done by the end of the year (unless someone decides to drop a bunch of money and time in my lap, in which case it would be less than a 10-day)! The day was coming to an end soon and I had one more stop to make before the sun went down. Back behind the wheel and south until I was in…

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