161. Glen Rose, Somervell County

Ok.  Now you have my attention for a bit. The grounds have a few interesting things going on here…

…but dinosaurs and tracks are all over the place here!  The town bandstand is the coolest of all!

Not only that, but Ivan Stang, cofounder of the Church of the SubGenius lives here!  Sure, Glen Rose is small, but I might have spent an hour here were there world enough and time.  But world decreases with time in this project, and time was quickly descending.  

I grabbed a virtual across the street at the old post office/museum/ giant dinosaur track.  Because the solution involved details of them, I got a far shot from across the street instead of a close up of cooler stuff.  But they had to be left behind.  I set off on the penultimate leg of the trip, landing myself in…

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