164. Hillsboro, Hill County

This trip was not like the others.  Normally I jump in a car in the middle of the night, begin at or about the crack of dawn at the beginning destination, and then alight from county to county with nothing other than my constitution and local speed limits (usually) slowing my progress.  This time, however, I tried an experiment.  My daughters were going to see their grandparents in northeast Texas and I hadn’t been there yet so we went together, intending to cache on the way up and back.  We set off a little after sunrise and began our day. 

After arriving, we walked about photographing (after getting permission to use the girls’ images if they end up in photos [they did]), and opted for the closest and simplest cache. We walked down the street to the former rail station of the MKT line, now a museum run by the Chamber of Commerce.

I was able to give them a little rundown on the MKT because, as fate would have it, my great grandfather worked on the MKT.  I don’t have the work records of anything showing it because the railroad lost a lot of records over the years with mergers and other goings on, but I have a enough convincing anecdotal evidence from multiple family sources that I’m 98% sure he did.  There was a virtual there so I employed the girls in providing me the appropriate names from the appropriate plaque so we could make the claim.  Our work done, we started back to the car.  This would, it turned out, be the easiest cache we would grab today.  I got behind the wheel and we headed off, stopping in…

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