459. Stilwell, Adair County (OK53)

This is definitely less bad than Wagoner. In fact, I believe this is similar to what Wagoner looked like previously. It also has an extension which, while they try to make it blend in it a bit (and it does a passable job), it seems just so stylistically different that, even though it attempts to emulate the old courthouse, it just doesn’t seem to fit. At least in my opinion. But that was far less important than getting some sleep so I grabbed a couple of hours in the shadow of the courthouse before I continued. My human needs attended to thusly, I went to grab a cache.

This one was at the Stilwell train depot, a keybox on the back of some metal. It occurs to me that I’ve done enough train depots in the past that this could become a total sub-thing, much the way I had considered water towers back in Purcell. Maybe trains and stations are a way to go in the future? Worthy of consideration, I guess, but this was not the time. I had other things to consider now that I was rested and ready to go. The sun would soon be rising, but I would not meet it in…

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