458. Tahlequah, Cherokee County (OK52)

Well… It’s not bad, but it’s not great, either. I wouldn’t call it elegant, but it does have a certain earnestness to it. I’m wondering if this is late 50’s/early 60’s or late 60’s/early 70’s. Unfortunately, I can’t really tell. As many courthouses as I’ve been to, I’m hardly an expert on architecture. Times like this I wish there were some decent books on courthouse architecture that I could consult. I also have to be honest with you all: I was getting to there point where some of the courthouses were starting to blend together. It was late, and I had been to a number of them in the last couple of days. At this point in the trip, I was short on sleep, too. Had it been daytime, I would have made an extra visit to the most important courthouse in the city, the Cherokee Nation Courthouse. It would have been worth more than the 15 minute detour, but alas, night was my enemy here.

I give you another terrible photo! I left my maglight in the car and just didn’t feel like going back to get it. This time, it’s another nothing special cache, a nano on a fire hydrant, a dog plug like back in Mound City. May I add that the D/T was totally off on this one? It is neither a 1 nor a 1, but it did have the benefit of being catty-corner from the courthouse. A quick grab is certainly no vice in the middle of enemy territory (I am a Texan in Oklahoma, after all). My work here done, I set off again to continue my work, landing about an hour later in…

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