411. Mound City, Pulaski County (IL002)

Pulaski County? Wasn’t I just here? I appreciate the building, but this is just really tiny in a really tiny town. The thing I don’t understand is that there is a nearby town called Mounds here in the same county. That makes no sense. Mounds and Mounds City? What is this? A Pawnee/Eagleton thing or something? I’m sure I could figure it out if I did the research, but I have so many other things to do. I should really fund a research department or find an intern or something.

Why does the distinction between towns even matter? I had to run over to Mounds to get the cache. There is a series of caches in the area called “dog posts.” I ended up finding one of them, a nano on a fire hydrant. Of course, I had to reach around a bit until I was able to pull it from among the bolts but pull it I did, and once it was signed and returned, I began rolling again. I left the U-Haul parking lot and and returned to Cairo. I had another date with a bridge. I had already had a mistaken engagement that took me back to Missouri earlier, but this time I had the right bridge. I crossed the Ohio River and continued on into…

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