412. Wycliffe, Ballard County (KY01)

Oh, Kentucky!

This courthouse is quite nice. It could use a little bit of paint and some tender loving care, but I very much approve. I imagine that the farther east I get with this, the more courthouses will look like this or something similar. Or is it more southern? I don’t know. That’s a Wikipedia hole I haven’t tried to go down. This, like a couple other stops on the way here, was really just passing through because I had already gotten my cache.

Not long after the lovely voice said “Welcome to Kentucky,” I found myself looking for a cache about a mile down the road from the bridge. I went down a dirt road just off the main highway to a little clearing. There my search began and in the hollow of a tree…

…I found this little David looking cache. Apparently, this trip has become gnome themed, as well. What is it about gnomes and the Midwest? Not a clue. Probably something about German culture and settlement but that’s neither here nor there. The important thing is that the find was made, the log was signed, and I got moving again. Very little muss or fuss and, once photography was accomplished, it was a smooth ride all the way to…

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