413. Paducah, McCracken County (KY02)

This, dear readers, is a magnificent edifice. THIS is obviously a town of some importance. Or, well, it was a town of some importance. Not that it’s not important now, but I get the feeling that its not in the big leagues anymore, not even with the National Quilt Museum or the Paducah Beer Werks. Regionally, perhaps, but certainly not in the entire Kentucky scheme of things.

One thing I will definitely give the courthouse, though, is that there’s an extension on the back that is modeled after the original front. That’s always extra points for me, but, then again, I’m a courthouse snob. The funny thing is that when I thought that, walking the grounds, it was the only time I had ever heard someone, much less myself, referred to as a “courthouse snob” or even imagined the phrase. A quick search of the Internet reveals that it only occurs once (I’d link to it, but I don’t know how some people feel about furry fora [that also said, of all the places to find it a furry forum? What?]). Notice that I didn’t photograph the annex, though. Because sometimes my self absorption is over 9000. I was too busy thinking about my snobbery to document it. Somedays I’m terrible at this.

Well, that’s a big old urban hide! As you can see, I found that bugger in a giant crack in a tree in a tiny greenspace near the courthouse. I figured that, with something that big, the least I could do was leave a trackable. I had been carrying around one that was a little bigger than I was used to (no, it’s not a bowling ball) and this was one of the few places I would probably find to be able to place it so I did. Once it was all accomplished, I picked up some beer to bring back home to gift to a friend and then sped off to another bridge. I almost killed myself on the bridge because all the other bridges I had been on were substantial with speed limits of 65MPH, but this one was made of grates with a 25 MPH limit. Luckily, I noticed and managed to survive to reach…

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