395. Little Rock, Pulaski County (AR21)

Look at you, your gorgeous creature! And you have a monkey on your back, don’t you?

And may I give kudos because this is an excellent example of how to integrate old and new buildings. Almost as interesting is that the county’s administration building is right across the street. Yes, I know I had all this high minded talk about the differences between courthouses and administration and all back in New Mexico, but at the moment I’m playing fast and loose and going with my gut. Sometimes, one is prettier than another or feels more salient. Sure, I know it opens me up to charges of hypocrisy, but welcome to my existence, where I live a dash of it on a semi-daily basis.

And, of course, while I was here it seemed like a good idea to get the state house since it was only down the road a bit. As a sidenote, this makes for state house number four. Maybe, since I’ll be in the area anyway, this might be a thing…

The cache was a small fake electrical box outside of a bakery within sight of the Capitol Building. I myself have a similar hide back home. Even left a trackable. A little part of me was worried that it’s going to disappear because this cache could use just a little tender loving care, but I had faith that it would all work out. And as the sun began to rise, I continued my drive east. I lamented leaving my shades back home, but only until I arrived in…

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