396. Lonoke, Lonoke County (AR22)

Another handsome courthouse in a tiny little town. I wish this place had more to recommend it than it does, but I didn’t see anything particularly special about this place. Well, that’s not entirely true, I guess.

Instead of one gazebo, there were two! Usually there’s only one, traditionally for use as a bandstand. That’s something, right? As I write this, I chuckle, thinking of the idea of them having multiple bands, one on each gazebo, and when one band ends, they rest and the other takes over for a while Savoy Ballroom style. In this particular case I spent a bit of time thinking about the gazebos because the cache was hidden in one of the. Glued into a hole in the planking, hidden well away from prying eyes, there was a little tube with a log on it. Clever. No wonder the last two seekers DNF’d it.

It has been pointed out to me that such a detailed description of a cache, described as I have so many thus far, might be considered a spoiler. Well, that is a valid point. So if you find yourself here, or at any cache I’ve described in the past or the future, and your enjoyment of it is diminished because you read about here, I apologize. That’s on me and I will carry that karmic burden. Or, more likely, drive it around from county to county as I am apt to do, and just as I did, leaving Lonoke and dragging that spiritual boulder to…

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