457. Muskogee, Muskogee County (OK51)

This is a suitable impressive edifice. I don’t know what exactly I expected to find here. I won’t lie: I have a little of the myth of the Okie from Muskogee in my brain. I was going to make a joke based on the song, but let’s face it, that’s just low hanging fruit. That being said, in the years since the song was written, this place seems to have become anything except some sort of paradise for that so-called Okie. Urban as all get out… I mean, the courthouse itself is across from the Bank of Oklahoma. Obviously a center of finance among other things. And I never even thought about the Port of Muskogee, or knew it even existed before I was driving out of town. I may actually have to apologize to the people of Muskogee. It’s almost like a fifty-something year old song can’t encapsulate who you are now. Evolution is a thing.

My one true regret here is not something that I could really do anything about. With all the graves that I’ve been to, I would have really liked to visit the grave of Bass Reeves. After all his years as a Deputy Marshal, he died in Muskogee and nobody knows where he was buried. The cemetery, yes, but not the gravesite. I would have liked to have said hello to the man, but you can’t have everything I guess. No doubt there would have been a cache there, so I went to get an actual cache…

Another Masonic lodge it is! While the lodge back in Wagoner was an Ancient Free & Accepted lodge, this one is a Prince Hall lodge and, as fate would have it, I know quite a bit about Prince Hall! The cache was a little magnetic thingie stuck to a light fixture. Once I did what needed to be done here, I departed from my illegal parking spot out front (seriously, who cares at one in the morning?) and drove past the port, rolling through the darkness until I reached…

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