456. Wagoner, Wagoner County (OK50)

Ummm… No. Just plain NO. How could they do this to a courthouse? You can see from the main part that it it was probably some kind of WPA courthouse and it wouldn’t have looked quite lovely on its own, I bet. But then they built around it? It looks like they put in some kind of security section around it? More like security theater, I bet. And the addition looks horrid. Killing me, Smalls. Killing me… I can only assume that Wagoner is not a rich county because, if it was, it would have managed a better looking addition or maybe just have replaced the old courthouse with a newer structure, either on this site or on another. Either way, this just makes me plain sad.

The cache was at a local Masonic lodge, hidden under a skirt. I’m not going to lie: I wouldn’t have found it if it wasn’t for one of the previous loggers who left a substantial clue. The official hint on this one made absolutely no sense. Even now, sitting at home writing this, I still don’t know what it meant. At this point, though, that doesn’t matter. I’ve long since found it and, from there, went on to my next port of call…

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