231. Wichita Falls, Wichita County

This courthouse is very much not illuminated which is probably a good thing because it gave me a chance to stop and get some sleep.  Might as well get a cache first before, though…

Welcome to the World’s Littlest Skyscraper.  It’s so tiny!  Isn’t that cute?  To sum up, in 1919 a guy got a whole bunch of people to invest a whole bunch of money in a building, but nobody noticed that it would be 480 inches tall instead of 480 feet.  He built it; won the inevitable lawsuit; and (after he escaped town) the building became part of the local color.  More importantly, someone back in the early days thought it a good place for a virtual.  So I got the city and filled a Jasmer hole at the same time! 

Since I was around the corner, I went ahead and grabbed a traditional, too. It was at a train museum and had a name completely composed of digits, which is cool because one of the challenges I signed in Abilene on the way here was for multiple caches without letters in the titles. Supposedly, the train engine there is the largest trackable in the world, but I couldn’t get to it to find the number. Besides, the entire thing was really creepy. There’s something kind of scary and foreboding about trains at night. Well, maybe that’s just me. As a self-described urban predator, scared of nothing in a cityscape, this gave me pause. Oh, well, I needed to sleep anyway. Since it was already 2AM and I was just waiting until sunrise, I went back to the courthouse to nap until I could take photos. That is, until I was rudely awakened by a police officer knocking on my window at 430… He had gotten a report of someone in the area sleeping in the street (?) so he wanted to know what I was up to. So I told him the truth: I was waiting for the sun to rise so I could photograph the courthouse. That he was fine with and went on his way, but I was awake now.

I grabbed some breakfast and another cache that was right behind the building (and kudos to the bark camouflage) then headed back to the courthouse to take my photos.  Missions accomplished, I got moving again until I made it to…

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