230. Archer City, Archer County

This, too, is nicely illuminated!  Let the photography commence!  There’s something about these rough-hewn stone courthouses that I really like.  I can’t entirely explain it, but it feels like more work went onto them.  I get a feeling of each stone being cut by hand, each one being shaped and placed.  Of course, bricks and wood are assembled the same, but this feels different.

<sarcasm>As a sidenote, it’s nice of them to have a monument to Camp Cureton so that we can truly understand the importance of the Confederacy to this area. </sarcasm>

The cache itself was another in the Boy Scout series I found back in Throckmorton.  Placed at the old Archer County Jail, I was not the biggest fan of this container seeing that it was a camo-taped glass jar.  All it would take is for one clumsy person to make an oops and the cache is broke.  And I certainly don’t carry spare containers on me (usually.  I occasionally have a cap-n-cap extra for moments when a new container is needed).  I took that faux pas in stride.  Besides, now was a good time to relax for a few moments and enjoy the stars.  They sure were pretty out here.  Austin doesn’t have them anymore because there’s too much light pollution, but in these little towns?  They’re stunning.  And after letting them shine in my eyes for a while, I got moving until I stopped in…

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