232. Henrietta, Clay County

This is a weird courthouse.  I cannot for the life of me figure out where the front of this thing is!  I usually use two criteria to determine that in questionable situations: the flagpole, which is usually in the front, and the dumpsters, which are usually in the back.  There are flagpoles for the war memorial, but not a separate one for the courthouse.  There aren’t any dumpsters around here, either.  Therefore, this photo is merely a guess based on the fact that there’s a bandstand here and that would be out front.  That makes sense, right? 

The cache was at this train car.  Blessedly (and I do not use that word lightly) it was not actually on the train.  There’s nothing more annoying than trying to find a magnetic cache on the underside of a train car.  Almost as annoying as finding a micro in a tree in the middle of a 500 acre wood…  I did what was needed and got moving again, going eastward until I finally reached…

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