340. Las Cruces, Doña Ana County (NM24)

Fun fact: Doña Ana County is one of only two counties in the US that have diacritic marks in their name (I’m coming for you too, Coös County). On a more serious note, I spent a lot of time thinking on this trip, especially since Alamogordo. I’m definitely more interested in the administrative side of counties than I am in the judicial. Consequently, I believe my quest is for the seat of county government instead of just the courts. In most counties, a county courthouse serves both functions. Here there is a District courthouse, but no County courthouse. Since the county government center here is the closest thing to what I’m looking for, that is what I’m accepting in this case. Texas never had that problem. The only real sadness of all this is that this government center looks like a hotel. I even felt the urge to take my bags inside.

This not my first time in Las Cruces. About twenty years ago, I drove our here for a friend’s funeral. That ended being a very strange weekend for a couple of reasons, but none of those reasons afforded the time for sightseeing (though, there was miniature golf, but that’s a different story) so I never made it here to the Railroad Museum.

Now that’s a large! The CO mentioned in the description that it’s supposed to have a lock on it, but that seems to be gone. He also mentioned that someone is taking the trackables out and not moving them. That made me sad. I had several trackables I would have happily deposited, but it would be sad if they disappeared soon after. I’m also pretty salty about it, too. I have a handful of trackables that have gone missing, though the big one is the one belonging to my older daughter. It got checked into an event in California more than a year ago and hasn’t been heard from since, but that’s beside the point. I could rant for a while about this, so I will spare you it for now. Just remember to log and move and take care of them! They’re someone’s hopes and dreams or some kind of crap like that! Anyway, I did my proverbial business here, and then, after calling a friend living in Colorado now to let him know I’m all up in his hometown, moved down the road again. My next stop was going to be a special one so I gassed up and got rolling, knowing I would be grabbing the cache before I arrived in…

5 thoughts on “340. Las Cruces, Doña Ana County (NM24)

  1. That Coos county is pronounced how? I’m curious because the county north of us is spelled the same way. When we first moved here I thought it was pronounced “koo-ze” but it’s pronounced “co-us”.

    As far as trackables, yeah that’s the way it goes. I’ve all but given up on sending them out. They turn up, but not always. I had one that disappeared off of a mountain in St. Maarten, then was logged like 6 years later, then disappeared again.


  2. I like to tell people to keep hope alive for their trackables. Once in a blue moon on Twits or Redit I will see a post regarding some item that was missing for 7 years just got logged or something like that.


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