339. Truth Or Consequences, Sierra County (NM23)

It’s a bold choice for a town to name itself after a game show, no matter how famous and long running. Hot Springs, its former name, is far more descriptive considering the number of hot springs in the area. The idea of visiting one of the spas in the area is somewhat intriguing, but that’s definitely not on the agenda for this trip. I thought the courthouse was an even bolder choice in white with pink trim, but then I took my shades off and saw it was merely white with red brick. I’m a little surprised that this came out of the WPA, but I guess they had to work with what they had out here.

The cache was in a jar, hidden under some rocks behind this quail wall. Cute. That said, what’s up with all the freakin’ gnats around here? They just would not stop bugging me! I know that’s small in the greater scheme of things, especially for cachers used to forging their way over hills and dales, but right at this moment I was in more of an air conditioning mood. It had been a long day already and I had several more stops before the day would be over. The car had great air conditioning so I headed off to the next stop in…

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