194. Sarita, Kenedy County

So here’s the funny thing… This one was illuminated, too, and I took photos and I even grabbed the cache since it was right across the street. But I looked at the photos and decided I didn’t like them. You see, this one was illuninated by lamps mounted on the outside and shining down on the outside of the building unlike the others which had some kind of illumination from outside the body of the structure. Consequently, these lights seemed to wash out some of the facade. I figured that I might as well get some sleep and photograph it in the daylight. I only had to wait a few hours for dawn, anyway so I grabbed 25 winks. It would have been 40 winks, but I was awakened at 5AM by a yapping dog being walked by its owner. Perhaps it smelled me in the car and took offence to my presence. I took offence it the idea of someone walking their dog around the courthouse at 5AM, but everyone must honor their own anodyne. At sunrise, I woke up again and stumbled out of the car, just in time for a local officer to notice some random guy groggily stumbling about. So I told him the truth: I photograph courthouses and I got here super early so I got some sleep in the car waiting for the sun to rise and I was still a bit groggy. He was alright with that and went on his way.

I photographed the courthouse and the cache, a bison tube hooked on a…well, you know, placed, coincidentally, by BigGuy In Texas. Morning had risen and the day was new. Time to move on down the road, and move I did, northward to…

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