195. Kingsville, Kleberg County

When I began to walk the courthouse grounds, the first thing I saw was justice.

But there wasn’t much more than that. But that’s alright. Kingsville has a certain picturesque charm. It almost seems more like some sort of middle American small town than a Texas small town. Some of you reading this might not understand what I mean, but I think my Texan compatriots will. It’s less about feel and more about layout. I can’t entirely explain it. Maybe I should pick up a book or two on town layout and civil architecture one of these days. Perhaps then I could speak or write more authoritatively on the subject. Of course, I think I’d have to care a little more than I currently do, but it the Project expands scope to other states, that may be something to consider…

The cache was here at the Kingsville Railroad Depot, a small magnetic devoted to state quarters. Note there were none contained. I hope state parks were alright because I left Voyageurs in Minnesota. It also now occurs to me: are there any cache series devoted to railroad depots? A series where you start at the beginning of a railroad line and follow it through multiple states to the end? I wonder if a geotour could be made out of something like that? A thought for the future, but unneeded at the moment. Mission accomplished, I got moving again. I had a weird feeling as I was going. Usually I feel that I’m racing daylight, but since I decided to space the trip out over a day and a half and got so many stops done the previous night, I had exactly zero time pressure on me. I cruised on down the road, driving with no urgency, and eventually landed in…

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