196. Falfurrias, Brooks County

This was a good chance to stop for some breakfast since there were actually things open at this time of the morning on a holiday (it was Labor Day, after all). I do want to give kudos to whomever decided to use the courthouse sign to distract away from the chiller on the grounds. Clever. There were a few small monuments here, but it got me to wonder what decision process is involved in deciding what monuments are desired and how the process plays out, why it is that some courthouses are lousy with them, but others have nary a one. It’s not a county size thing, but it could be partially a money thing perhaps? There must be more to it than that, but I also imagine county politics go over 9000 when it comes to stuff like this. But that’s a distraction from the real point…

There’s always a cemetery. A little pill bottle on a fence. At least that’s what I think I remember. I’m getting to a point in my caching career that I’m not always remembering the unremarkable ones. I just didn’t expect the memory to fade so quickly. That said, I was running on very little sleep and memory formation is a thing. I guess if that’s the thing I forget, I can live with that. And with that, I got back on the road. I cruised in the cool but rapidly warming morning until I reached my penultimate location…

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