214. Centerville, Leon County

Oddly enough, this photograph was harder than usual to get. I did my standard walkaround and then set myself to get this, but in the ten minutes between my arrival and this photo, someone else also stopped at the courthouse for a reason I couldn’t entirely divine (probably something wifi related, I’m guessing) and just would not get out of my way! Every time I moved to get another angle, he would move to be in my way. Then I would go somewhere to get another vantage and he would sit on a bench in the shot. Then I would move again, but he would move and look for signal I think. He just would not get out of my way! And when I was lucky enough to get this one, I called it and jetted. As the meme says, ain’t nobody got time for that.

The final cache of the day was probably the most simple and boring. I hit a convenience store on the way out of town and grabbed a keybox out from behind an air pump. I also have to give myself credit for my most stealthy grab, too. There were a couple of guys parked in front of it, airing up tires on the trailer for their boat. And much like the guy at the courthouse, they just would not go away! I took the opportunity to grab a drink and hit the bathroom (not in that order) and walk around, and wash my windshield and they just would not move or stop jaw jacking about whatever. So, feeling I would be there forever, I made my move. I took a circuitous route to the pump and, as they were gabbing, I made a point of keeping myself behind one and unnoticed by the other unto I could get close enough to make the grab and then slip away. My ninja masters would have been proud. Once I was good and away, I signed the log and got ready to return it, but I wouldn’t have to employ stealth for that. They got in their truck and drove up by this point so I started up the car and took their place at the pump just long enough to make the return. My mission accomplished, I took off again, knowing that I would be home in a few hours, back in my worm home, preparing to sleep in my warm bed. And as the song goes, be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

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