I have to confess that I don’t think I learned anything new on this trip.  Everything went as well as I think could have been hoped.  In fact, had I a little more confidence in my abilities, I might have even made it to one more county this trip.  But that’s not a big deal, I guess.  I’ll have to come back out this way anyway.  Nacogdoches and Lufkin will just have to wait for a while.  Galveston is definitely a return destination.  I have both a webcam and a whole bunch of challenges to grab. 

More than anything, I feel a bit of a weight has been removed from my shoulders.  Southeast Texas had been my biggest worry since I began the Project and it didn’t go anywhere close to as badly as I had feared.  Perhaps it was all in my head, but with good reason.  The past is prologue, but it is also sometimes the future. 

Looking at the map, there’s not a lot of grey left: a short strip in central East Texas and a long strip in North Texas.  In fact, barring bad weather or something truly unforeseen, I could complete it all in three days.  I’ve considered the possibility of completing the Project in the past.  I’m staring at the reality of it at this point.  Forty counties remain.  And it is time to finish what I started.  I will begin 2020 on the list of honored completers of The Texas County Challenge.  But before that, I’m going to spend a few nights in my own bed at home.

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